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Age and the Inner Compass

December 16, 2013

The “fountain of youth” is more and more in-demand as baby boomers come of age. That anti-aging magic pill has not arrived. Good genes help, but research indicates that it is more about how we live that makes the difference. There…

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Phyllis Sues Knows How to Live!

November 4, 2013

From a HuffPost50 piece by Phyllis Sues, 90: I’m not aware of being 90. I’m aware of feeling physically as good as I have ever felt and mentally even better. I practice dance and workout every day. This body has…

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Slideshow on Long-Life Advice from 7 Centenarians

September 20, 2013

Check out this wonderful slideshow from REAL SIMPLE magazine.Meet seven centenarians who share their secrets to enjoying life, revealing what has given them meaning and purpose throughout their lives. See the link for a quick dose of inspiration!   SLIDESHOW…

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– Inspiration –

September 3, 2013

“You are never too old to chase your dreams.”        – DIANA NYAD, 64, upon completing a swim from Cuba to Florida after five attempts over 35 years.

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Nine Later-Life Success Stories

August 8, 2013

Love this from HuffPost ~ you will too! Our society perpetuates the idea that success can only be obtained in youth — or, if it’s obtained later in life, it’s the product of years of linear, single-minded effort. Despite the…

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