After a bohemian childhood raised amidst her parents’ famous Hollywood friends, Dee worked as a dancer in the MGM movies of the 40’s, sashaying behind Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Her passion for education and justice eventually led her into a career in journalism.

We travel with Dee to Yosemite National Park where she worked for Ansel Adams, a visit that ignites a shift deep within her. Having cared for her ailing stepmother for a year, Dee speaks poignantly about the loss of a loved one, the shadow cast on her own mortality, and a desire to rekindle her creative and community work.

When Dee renews her deep connection to dance, we hear from other dancers who are drawn to her infectious joy about how Dee has changed their perspectives on aging.  She returns to a local food bank where she volunteered as a writer; this time she’s out of the office and into the fields, joining other retirees as they glean produce to be distributed to the poor.

Dee attends a conference on aging, where she learns about new research on the aging brain, the tangible health benefits of creative engagement in later years, and the importance of staying connected to community ~ issues that resonate deeply within her.

But a failing knee threatens her independence, and hesitant to venture out like she once did, she faces an operation that may ground her permanently.