Anita’s Temple of the Souls musical drama has successful NYC run!

September 2014 saw yet another successful run of Anita’s Temple of the Souls!

This moving, beautifully-scored musical drama tells a story of forbidden love between a native Taino in Puerto Rico and a conquistador’s daughter – and is rich with history, drama, powerful words and music – and a great team behind the production!

Get a sampling of this wonderful show now! Listen to some of the gorgeous score at  

Anita has long written poems, plays and prose that focus on dignity, justice, racism and…of course, love.

 What started with a visit years ago to a cave in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rain Forest was transformed through Anita’s artistic, sensitive soul to a poem..then a libretto…initially an opera…and finally its current, compelling incarnation as a musical drama.  

 The work has been developed over many years by MultiStages Theater Company via readings and theatrical productions – and hopefully there will be more to come as the project grows.

And here’s a fun fact: the director of Temple of the Souls (and MultiStages) is Anita’s granddaughter Lorca Peress, an accomplished actress, director and acting professor, and the to-die-for music worthy of Broadway or film was composed by the musical dynamic duo of Anita’s other granddaughter Anika Paris and her partner Dean Landon, successful songwriters and composers for film, television and stage.  Bravo!


cast applauds Anita – who wrote the story 

Lorca, Anita, Anika and Dean

Anita with the cast of Temple of the Souls