Below you will find resources with links related to Light Years Film, including aging/positive aging organizations, creative arts groups, Boomer resources and documentary film support. We welcome suggestions for additional resources and appreciate links to our film on your site. 

Lifetime Arts

Lifetime Arts is fulfilling an inspiring mission: enriching the lives of older adults through arts education.

Here’s a blurb from their website, which is chock-full of resources: Lifetime Arts works with organizations and groups around the country  to increase the number and quality of professional arts programs for older adults. By helping to develop policy, sharing best practices and providing expert technical assistance in the design, funding and implementation of creative aging programs, we help organizations and individuals build livable communities for all ages.

Lifetime Arts offers a variety of consulting and programming services, customized to meet the needs and budgets of organizations of any size. Contact us today to learn more!

The National Center for Creative Aging

The National Center for Creative Aging is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and the quality of life of older people.  Fostering education, programs, research and a network of professionals, NCCA is dedicated to promoting the creative potential of all older adults.

NCCA offers webinars, workshops, and Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit, which explains why and how older adults benefit from participating in professionally conducted community arts programs and offers detailed advice and examples on program design, implementation, and evaluation.  

The American Society on Aging

The American Society on Aging offers a diverse array of renowned educational programming, publications, state-of-the-art information & training resources, and the largest multidisciplinary network of professionals in the field of aging.

Kairos Dance Theater

Kairos Dance Theater, an intergenerational dance company that uses dance and storytelling to create a sense of community and well-being for participants of all ages.

Artistic Director Maria Genné and her Kairos colleagues created an award-winning program called The Dancing Heart – Vital Elders Moving in Community that engages elders (including those with mid-to-late stage Alzheimer’s) in a “playshop” shown to positively improve the health of participants.  Kairos brings their intergenerational peformances to schools, assisted living and adult day programs, nursing homes, museums, parks, and community centers.  

Hip Brazil

If you liked the footage of Dee’s Afro-Brazilian dance class, why not try it yourself? Instructor Vanessa Issac’s Hip Brazil offers a fun and effective workout that combines the rhythms and energy of live percussion and the sensuality of Brazilian dance.

“One of the top 10 best Fitness DVDs: Brazilian Dance Workout! The infectious spirit of the instructor, Vanessa Issac, will keep you going long after you break a sweat!” — Fitness Magazine


The live drummers in Dee’s dance class are led by Budhi Harlow, whose musical group Panzumo, performs for private parties, festivals and workshops, and offer African drum and dance programs for children and adults in Santa Barbara and throughout California’s South Coast. CD’s available.


Stagebridge the nation’s oldest senior theater company, uses theater and storytelling to bridge the generation gap by breaking down stereotypes and stimulating more positive attitudes toward aging.  Stagebridge’s intergenerational programs feature senior theater productions, storytelling in the schools, nurses’ training programs, acting classes, and writing contests for children. 

The Center for Independent Documentary

The Center for Independent Documentary collaborates with independent producers to create films and videos on issues of contemporary social and cultural concern. Programs have been broadcast nationally and locally on public and cable television, won numerous awards, and are in distribution to educational markets worldwide.  Awarded Outstanding Cultural Organization in Massachusetts.