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Do you know an older person who inspires you?
Someone who contributes their wisdom, joy, creativity, community service and/or has reinvented their life?
Does this describe YOU?

(living or deceased; any level of physical health…wisdom, reinvention, and inspiration come from many sources)

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We can all use positive, inspiring stories!

Natalie, Jersey City, NJ

  I was very inspired by Fred Tuttle.   I met Fred working on a film called Nosey Parker  with the director John O’Brien up in Tunbridge, Vermont, a small town near White River Junction, New Hampshire.  He was hired to …

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Fernanda, New York, NY

In my many years traveling around the world, whenever visiting Buenos Aires I got to stay at a friend’s mom house for weeks at a time. Those days with her –and I hope there are many more- taught me plenty…

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Holly, Montreal Canada

Mary is my husband’s grandmother. She is of a generation where her husband refused to allow her to drive. As a result she walked everywhere. When she came to visit us in New York City, at the age of 81,…

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Letizia, Milan, Italy

My grandfather: at the age of 17 he lied about his age to get into the Italian Air Force during WW1, in which he then served. After the war, aged 20 he went to college and graduated with an engineering…

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Jessica, New York, NY

I am most inspired by my grandfather who lives in Beijing, China. He turns 93 this year and has always been an inspiration to everyone that has ever met him. Despite losing hearing over the years and family moving abroad,…

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