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Do you know an older person who inspires you?
Someone who contributes their wisdom, joy, creativity, community service and/or has reinvented their life?
Does this describe YOU?

(living or deceased; any level of physical health…wisdom, reinvention, and inspiration come from many sources)

 *only your first name and location will appear; you can keep the name of the person anonymous if they prefer, or just use their first name.

We can all use positive, inspiring stories!

Amanda, New York NY

I was always in awe of Mildred Baker, who had been a friend of my grandparents.  She had run the WPA Arts Program in New York when FDR was president.  She was in her 90s in the 1990s, when I used to visit her…

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Marianne, Long Island NY

I have a client who inspires me.  Her name is Elizabeth but she goes by the nickname “Nan“.  She is 94 years old and in extremely good health.   She lives in Garden City, NY, and still drives.  Nan is…

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Chiara, Larchmont NY

My neighbor Marvin, 93, mentors small business owners, teaches entrepreneurship classes at a local community college and inspires me every day with his positive attitude. I’m almost 50 years younger but he is so full of energy I feel lazy…

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