Fernanda, New York, NY

In my many years traveling around the world, whenever visiting Buenos Aires I got to stay at a friend’s mom house for weeks at a time. Those days with her –and I hope there are many more- taught me plenty about what aging can be.

Irene at almost 80 and 12 years widowed said to me one day, “I’m living the best years of my life. My two granddaughters are such a source of joy, my relationship with my children now in their 50s is better than ever, I don’t have to worry as much about their well being, they are fine, in fact they worry about me and look after me. I get to devote myself wholeheartedly to my writing and my sculpting. Life is good.”

After hearing her saying that, I almost burst into tears, how great to feel like that. Aging can be joyful if we could only as a society respect it as another stage of life that can be embraced and enjoyed like any other.

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