Letizia, Milan, Italy

My grandfather: at the age of 17 he lied about his age to get into the Italian Air Force during WW1, in which he then served.

After the war, aged 20 he went to college and graduated with an engineering degree by the age of 23. He lost his father at a young age but went on to have a successful career at GE and ended up supporting his entire family (mother and sister and cousins etc…) by the time he was 28.

He ended up being President of GE Italy and receiving a national award for his service to the nation during the war and after with the Marshall Plan but remained a low-profile, self-effacing man throughout. Always kind and gentle he lived to the age 0f 92 and played 9 holes every day (after the age of 80- before it was 18!) until he was 90.
Definitely an inspiration!

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