Natalie, Jersey City, NJ


I was very inspired by Fred Tuttle.  

I met Fred working on a film called Nosey Parker  with the director John O’Brien up in Tunbridge, Vermont, a small town near White River Junction, New Hampshire.  He was hired to  “play himself, a farmer who befriend’s the “flatlanders” (slang for city slicker) who move into his small town. 

When I first met Fred while working on a scene in the movie he seemed to be a silly jokster.  He was very funny and comfortable with the camera.  I was impressed by his honesty and sense of humor and work ethic.  He never complained, always had a good word to say, and loved to meet new people.

I spent some time with him afterwards promoting the film and we were talking and out of the blue he said to me “You’re a good person, I’ve been around long enough I can tell.” We then went on to discuss his children now grown – both out pursuing interesting careers, neither of them married, and he said,

“It’s hard for people to get married now a days: women want to do what they want and men to do what they want to do.  People don’t have to marry anymore.”

I was moved by his fairness in seeing his children’s point of view.  He seemed to be the opposite of a cliched old person. He worked up until the day he died of a a massive heart attack. 

He showed me that you can have joy no matter what your circumstances and you can find something good to say about others if you only look. 

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